Dying Effect 6: Nightmare DLC is a downloadable Add-on story for Dying Effect 6: Dawn of the Purge.

The story is the same as the story in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, but you play as Nico's AI Cortana, and the player has to survive for five nights (plus the 6th night, Nightmare mode, and 20/20/20/20 mode).


Main Menu of Nightmare DLC

(A Cutscene of a Plush toy of Nico appears)

Plush Nico: What did she do to you this time?

(Note: "SHE" means Cortana's Rampancy)

Plush Nico: She was scary and mean to you, and locked you up in your room. Don't be afraid, I'm here with you.

???: You don't know what we've been through.

(An 8-bit Cutscene starts off with Cortana in a bedroom with Plush Nico, Plush Antonio, and Plush D'vorha, who is headless, Cortana tries to open the door, a growl is heard, and Cortana curls on the floor, crying)

Plush Nico: Tomorrow is another day.

(Cutscene fades to black, starting Night 1)

Night 1

The 1st Night is pretty much a tutorial, but you can still die on the 1st Night. The time to survive is always 12 AM to 6 AM. Unlike the Final Nights gamemode in the previous Dying Effect games, you don't have a phone call to give you or the player a heads-up to survive the nights. But to survive the nights, here's what you need to do....

Nightmare Nico

There are 3 doors in the bedroom: a door to your left, a closet door, and a door to your right. Nightmare Nico will always come from the door at the left. To avoid him, you have to check the door at the left often. If you go to the door and hear breathing, keep the door closed. If you don't hear breathing, open the door and turn on the flashlight. If you don't check him often, he will enter the bedroom and kill you, resulting in a jumpscare. If you open the door and turn on the flashlight while he's breathing, Nightmare Nico will instantly kill you, also resulting in a jumpscare.


Nightmare Nico's jumpscare in the left door

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