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Dying Effect: Paragon Lost is a TV Show that came out on TV shortly after the release of the game, "Dying Effect 3: The Marked Ones" on October 2, 2012. This Show has been successfully running 28 Seasons, and TV critics have rated this Show 9 out of 10. (Amazing, right?)

Dying Effect: Paragon Lost has been rated MA-TV due to the fact that this has intense violence, blood and gore, strong language, partial nudity, and sexual content.

List of Episodes

Season 1

Ep 1: The Reapers

Ep 2: Remember Reach

Ep 3: Memories

Ep 4: The Man with the Mechanical arm

Ep 5: Brothers at arms

Ep 6: The Blue Glow

Ep 7: Halo instillation 04

Ep 8: The Lost and the Dammed

Ep 9: Yura of the Demon hair

Ep 10: Old friends

Season 2

Ep 11: The Outbreak returns

Ep 12: Judgement day

Ep 13: The Consequence

Ep 14: The Evil Within

Ep 15: A Asari's Rage

Ep 16: Exile

Ep 17: The Nightmares

Ep 18: The Collectors

Ep 19: The Suicide Mission

Ep 20: Two Years

Season 3

Ep 21: Reunited

Ep 22: Lair of the Shadow Broker

Ep 23: The Battle of Plaveen

Ep 24: Be Thou for the people

Ep 25: New allies

Ep 26: Sovereign

Ep 27: Halo reborn

Ep 28: Forward Unto Dawn

Ep 29: Aftermath

Ep 30: Purge the Heretics

Season 4

Ep 31: Fours years, seven months, ten days

Ep 32: Cortana's rampancy

Ep 33: Requiem

Ep 34: Promethiums

Ep 35: The Didact

Ep 36: Brothers together again

Ep 37: The Gravity Well

Ep 38: Rampancy worsens

Ep 39: The Composer

Ep 40: Midnight

Season 5

Ep 41: Cerberus takes control

Ep 42: The Assault on the Citidal

Ep 43: The Battle of Thessia

Ep 44: An Asari's suffering

Ep 45: Horizon

Ep 46: Attack on Cerberus's Base

Ep 47: Before War

Ep 48: The Battle for Earth

Ep 49: The Crucible

Ep 50: Nico and Liara's Secret Revealed

Season 6

Ep 51: The Joy of Creation

Ep 52: The Faithful Night in Togako Part 1

Ep 53: The Faithful Night in Togako Part 2

Ep 54: The Humonkui

Ep 55: Enter the Nightmares

Ep 56: Night 1: Nightmare Chica

Ep 57: Night 2: Nightmare Mangle

Ep 58: Night 3: Nightmare Fredbear

Ep 59: Night 4: Nightmare Plushtrap

Ep 60: The Final Horror: Nightmare

Season 7

Ep 61: Death of the Undying

Ep 62: The Cruse of the Dark Priestess

Ep 63: Tuizbaki, The Dark Priestess

Ep 64: The Blue and Red Sisters

Ep 65: The Gorgo

Ep 67: The New Order

Ep 68: Rebellion

Ep 69: Makreov

Ep 70: Death of the Crime

Season 8

Ep 71: The Reclaimtion of the Forerunners

Ep 72: Cortana's return

Ep 73: Rising evil, Sovereign's revenge

Ep 74: Cortana's rebellion and Nico's feelings

Ep 75: Fight to the death: Nico and Antonio vs. Sovereign

Ep 76: The bond between Man and Asari, Use the rage

Ep 77: Back to Normal?

Ep 78: Return to the Consequence

Ep 79: The Sprites of the Monkey God

Ep 80: The nursing battle of the rival lovers

Season 9

Ep 81: The Band of Seven, Resurrected

Ep 82: The Stealthy Poison Master, Mukosu

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