"We are at war, but I'll make damn sure the Reapers know my name by the end of it" -Nico talking to Antonio before the Battle for Earth

Nico Kurosaki is a soldier of The Alliance who survived many wars, including the current war, The Human-Reaper War which started in 2549 AD. He is the brother of the spartan, Antonio Kurosaki and husband of Dr. Liara T' Soni who also are legendary soldiers in The Alliance.

Nico Unmasked

Personalty Edit

As a child, Nico has always felt warm-hearted, always wanted to help to help out others. But as a adult, he always was defensive of Liara and the innocent. whenever Liara was hurt by an enemy or insulted, Nico would get enraged and if it was a battle he was in, his strength and power would increase by 22% his normal power.

History Edit

Nico was born in July 7, 2532, two years after Antonio was born. He was a slave owned by Watto in the homeworld of Harran. And even though he was the son of the great Hohamhmi of Light, everyone just took him and his brother for granted. Nico and Antonio had suffered a lot of hardships and they dream of the day they would become Spartans.


Nico as a child

The economics were poor. Their father left to do some scientific research on the Philosopher's Stone. They had to do what was necessity to survive. On March 9, 2537, Nico and Antonio stole some food, they would have failed to escape, but a girl named Rukia helped them escaped. They divided the goods, but then a boy took a kid's candy and Nico stood up for him. The boy pushed them down and Rukia round house kicked him down, then lectured him. She also gave the bullied kid her portion, then left. Nico ran after to find her. Rukia called him and Nico found her up on a tree. She asked if he was looking for her. Nico tried to deny it at first and Rukia started laughing, then they smiled at each other. They have been friends ever since. The next day, Nico, Rukia, and Antonio all practiced their Biotic skills. Little did they realize that they will use this power for combat in the future. That evening, They all fished, ate and laughed like a family. Rukia also helped Nico and Antonio build their Pod Racers. Three days before the Bnoota Eve Race, Rukia disappeared without a trace. Nico was sad that his friend was gone, but he assured himself him and Antonio would meet her again.

Nico, Antonio, and Rukia practicing Biotics

Plot Edit


Nico and Liara meet for the first time.

Nico: "Are you a Asari?"

Liara: (Laughing) "What?"

Nico: "A Asari. I heard the deep space pilots talk about them. They're the most beautiful creatures in the galaxy. They live on the moons of Thessia, I think."

Liara: "You're a funny little boy."

-Nico and Liara when they first met

Nico was working with Watto in his job when he was accompanied by Alliance soldiers. He also noticed a beautiful Asari was with them. He asks "Are you a Asari", and she was confused about his question. Nico explains that they are the most beautiful creatures in the galaxy and that live in the moons of Thessia. The Asari was concerned that he was a slave


Nico and Antonio as kids

Other Appearances Edit

Video games

Dying Effect

Dying Effect 2: Liara's Indoctrination

Dying Effect 3: The Marked Ones

Dying Effect 4: The Qrauian Warfare

Dying Effect 5: Reborn

Dying Effect 6: Dawn of the Purge

TV Shows

Dying Effect: Paragon Lost


Dying Effect: Wrath of Liara

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